How to Learn JAVA, some SQL

& cutting edge AWS Lambda too

Learn Java and Full Stack with Rick Delpo

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For now by clicking on free tutorials we will be redirected to our parent site where they are available. Tutorials are presently old school Java just to get u started but see below for our newest Tutorial content, featuring ready made, instructive class files that we drop right into Spring STS. We also begin to replace old servlet technology with AWS Lambda, a modern day serverless approach. Click here for my agenda

Go directly to Lambda...I'm impatient

   these 2 below are my most current tutorials (START HERE to avoid Tomcat headaches encountered in my old tutorials)

click here for a quickie beginner JDBC Tutorial on how to connect to DATA

click here to explore JDBC using the Java Servlet API with embedded Tomcat

click here to understand why learning Java is so important

click here to access our SQL and Web Development site

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